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Mn Government shutdown Part 1

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Being out in the country this weekend doing a show in a prosperous farming area was very revealing. Here in Minnesota we have a sprawiling government which grew considerably under Tim Pawlenty’s guidance. But we also have a very conservative  group of folks who have suddenly decided to wake up. If I were a legislator on either side of the aisle I would be looking over my shoulder. These folks are organinzing and are mobilizing in th Churches and VFW’s and Legion clubs. They want to throw you all out. They don’t care Republican or Democrat they think you are dooing a horrible job! I remember in 78 when the Republicans swept the house after years of DFL rule they said it could never happen agian well I’m here to tell you it is going to. People are tired of business as usual! Both sides need to look out for theat fresh new face,that he or she could never win because of no experience. The winds of change are blowing across the Midwest and Minnesota looks to be ripe for it.  Not only that but Republican strategists what are you going to hang your hats on? The majority of the top 2% earners in Minnesota have no issues paying more income tax OOPs.

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Jul 5, 2011
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