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Kids and Lack of Respect

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What is up with the lack of respect that kids under the age of 18 for this purpose have for adults? I’ve been coaching now for 38 years (yes I’m old by their standards) but this group of high school kids grades 9-12 is the most disrespectful I’ve ever been around. During a game 2 weeks ago I had 2 different kids from the opposing team tell me to F*** Off not once not twice but three times on different occasions. Right to my face going down the court and stopping in front of my bench to say right in my face. No technicals by the refs,said they didn’t hear it. Interesting all the other parents in the stands heard it. Coach says nothing he can do they act this way in school as well. So kids and a few parents as well out of control. Same thing happened again this week from the same community which is held in high regard here. Edina is the name of the community and there community coaches as well as coordinators need to be held accountable or at the very least the kids need to be held accountable for their actions. If we don’t do it now this generation is going to be unleashed and wreak havoc. Time for us to stand up to our kids and not be afraid to discipline them. If we don’t the future is not going to be very bright for them or us.!

Jan 29, 2018

Announcing our BIG Changes!!!

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Well in last thirty days we have become authorized dealers for WinCraft Sports memorabilia,Mountain Sportswear,and Top of The World Caps. More Changes coming as we transition to more and more Sporting related goods and services. We will have a full lettering operation in addition to our current ability decorate items. Stay tuned lots going on here!

Mar 8, 2017

Guns N Roses Chicago Concert

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Greatest show I’ve ever seen! Axl Rose is one of the finest entertainers in the history of Rock n Roll. He still has it at Fifty something. Did 26 songs on Friday night in Chicago. Slash brings the heat and Duff does his thing. Freddy is one of the most underrated drummers of his generation in my opinion. I’m glad and grateful my 16 yr old son was the driver of this experience but I kind of feel sorry for him because this was only his second concert (his first was Slash in Mpls) don’t know how he won’t be disappointed by other performances now when comparing.If you get a chance to see them you Must Go the light show the Fireworks and just the Vibe should not be missed!

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Jul 5, 2016

Worst Toy Ever The Galaxy Shooter

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Well folks I have now found the cheapest constructed most overpriced toy in the history of fun. This 10.00 piece of feces is so bad it didn’t even make it out of the package. The wings broke off immediately. The launch stick bent and the eye that you have to turn to engage the light stripped. It flies nowhere 50 feet let alone the 200 feet that is advertised. ¬†Have fun with this Toys R Us and the rest of you big box merchants that got snowed at Toy Fair. As my 13 year said”I wouldn’t even put this in the FREE BOX at a garage sale” enough said

Jun 19, 2013

Stella’s Oyster Bar in Mpls the Best

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Had 50th birthday dinner at Stellas in Uptown Mpls Saturday night it was fantastic again. From the Mafia sushi roll which is to die for to the ahi tuna with wasabi and finally the sea scallops.perfectly cooked with the crabmeat mashed potatoes with asparagus.Everything was over the top as usual. Can’t really think of a resturant that is consistently as good anywhere in town. Our server was wonderful we had honest answers to all of our questions and some wonderful banter as . Perfect way to close out 50 years and start the next 50

Jun 4, 2013

Reading New Book Citizenville

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Mar 15, 2013

Le Bron and Wade Dismantle Wolves

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Watched a pretty amazing team last night . The Miami Heat totallly outman the Minnesota Timberwolves. Haven’t seen a team that good and I know they didn’t play their best (they didn’t have to). Reminds me of the Magic Johnson Led Lakers Parents if your kids are NBA fan make sure you take them to see this show because it is awesome! From Le Bron James,Dwayne Wade,Chris bosh on down it just is fun to watch a veteran team getting ready for the playoffs

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Mar 5, 2013

Light up Football Review by Reboot Sports

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Well Parents the best thing I can say about this light up football is that it got my kids out of in front of the xbox. This ball actually lights up LED light not that crummy glow in the dark stuff that fades are stops working when it gets dirty. My boys who are 12 and 10 come home from school and drop there bags and go out to play. We also used them on the beach this summer and they are the perfect beach toy. It is waterproof since it is made of rubber,it floats,etc. We have used it so much over 40 hours that we had to replace the batteries which is a breeze to do . Pop out the plug put in 3 new batteries and away you go. These guys really thought this item out. Can’t wait to get my hands on the basketball and soccer ball. The baseball bat and ball for younger kids is of the same quality. You won’t be disappointed. I liked it so much that I became a distributor.

Sep 27, 2012

Reboot sports LED lighted footballs Review

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Hey everyone we have started to sell the new Reboot Sports LED lighted football. These balls are the BOMB! they actually light up not like that glow in the dark junk that cracks and peels and doesn’t work when it gets dirty. My kids have been using this for the last 3 months and I’m telling you they are bomb proof. Been used at school on the tar playground with virtually no scuffing. The kids in the neighborhood spend hours playing outside instead of on the video game machine even at night. You can use as a regular ball during the day as well. Made from rubber and is same size and dimension as youth size 6 ball. Makes for a great gift as well since they are new to the market. Oh yeah the guys at Reboot offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. who does that anymore!? Replacement bulbs and batteries are available as well. Check this out you won’t be disappointed!¬†This is the BOMB!

Jul 22, 2012

Fall of the Chinese

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Well now we shouldn’t worry about the rise of China we should worry about the Fall. In a way that is true since the basically own us,however there is something good here as well. It is a call for America to regroup and start to Manufacture goods here again! I can tell you first hand that China is no longer the vendor of choice for alot of people myself included. They used to be reliable, No Longer. they used to be Cheap, No longer and now they just as soon cut you out of the action as to look at you! the world economy is in a shambles right now why not take THIS OPPORTUNITY to restart and Reclaim America instead of falling prey to these egomanical little pukes. COME ON AMERICA WAKE UP PUT YOUR WORK CLOTHES ON AND LET”S GET TO IT! before our entire world is owned by the Asians

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Oct 5, 2011
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