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What’s with all these Protein Waters???

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Posted by admin on July 14, 2017 at 11:22 am

Just picked up my son from strength and conditioning for his high school football team. He comes out drinking this “protein ” water that contains whey protein along with stevia. Has a cloudy look to it. I asked where it came from and he says we have to drink it after working out to get our protein in. I ask how does it taste? He says you taste it and tell me. Now this is Peach flavored mind you. I take some in my mouth swish it around and spit it out . It tastes to me like what “ass juice” would taste like. Jesus it was horrible!!! The lingering aftertaste wasn’t taken away until I drank a glass of milk and ate some peanut butter YIKES. What are we feeding our children in the name of health and performance?? Give me plain old water anytime. I won’t name the brand specifically but we need to look at this practice Now! Thanks for reading

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