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Fall of the Chinese

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Posted by admin on October 5, 2011 at 2:26 pm

Well now we shouldn’t worry about the rise of China we should worry about the Fall. In a way that is true since the basically own us,however there is something good here as well. It is a call for America to regroup and start to Manufacture goods here again! I can tell you first hand that China is no longer the vendor of choice for alot of people myself included. They used to be reliable, No Longer. they used to be Cheap, No longer and now they just as soon cut you out of the action as to look at you! the world economy is in a shambles right now why not take THIS OPPORTUNITY to restart and Reclaim America instead of falling prey to these egomanical little pukes. COME ON AMERICA WAKE UP PUT YOUR WORK CLOTHES ON AND LET”S GET TO IT! before our entire world is owned by the Asians

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