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Good bye Maxwell

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Posted by admin on August 30, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Well I don’t know about you folks but this weekend was pretty traumatic in my household. We had to put our 15 yr old black lab to sleep. Max was slowing down in the last few months but just Friday he was out in the yard running and playing with our 6 yr old black lab . Then off I went to work a t a game fair a little out of town when that dreaded phone call Saturday morning. Max is bumping into walls and can hardly breath. He is laying in my lap.said my wife in a trembling voice. I think this might be it. I am going to make him comfortable and go put gas in the car just in case.  He seemingly got better and then wanted to go outside. My wife let him out and he sniffed and walked all around HIS yard. My wife said just like he was saying goodbye to all his little buddies the frogs and trees that he would hide in as a pup. He came in and produced to we think have a stroke. My wife sccoped him up and took off for the vet. They were closed but on of the assistant had know Max since we got him and asked what can I do scoped him out of the car and yelled EMERGENCY they took him in put an oxygen mask on him My wife and boys were with him The Vet asked them to leave the room for the exam but my wife the trooper she is wouldn’t leave ol Mackwell. The vet came out and told the boys he was in a bad way and asked if they wanted to say good bye to Max They of course did since they had grown up with him. My wife said when the boys entered the room Max lifted his head and looked at the boys they kissed and hugged him said their goodbyes and then My wife said He laid his head back down she leaned over him he opened his eyes one last time Deb said you were the best dog ever Mackie you can go see Kobe now. With that Max laid down and he was done with his fight. Nick my oldest son called me at 12:17 and through his tears he said Dad Max is gone. Even though I knew this was coming it still hit me like a ton of bricks I figured Max won’t die he’s been a fixture for 15 years he always pulls thru everything. I left my booth and on my way I out I saw this little black English lab pup. we made eye contact and I know this sounds crazy but Max gave me the sign like he was saying to me take him home its ok i’m with Kobe  and we are playing ball up here. Take the little one he needs you guys and you need him! I went out and had a good long cry. imagine a 53 year old man crying at a trade show. I walked back in and this little guy made a move toward me and I him I grabbed him hung on for dear life as he was licking my face told the breeder he’s coming home with me and thats the story . Mackwell as I called him you were the best dog a guy and family could ever have. You were there throught 4 pregnancies. You got morning sickness with each. You raised each and you guarded each child like a warrior.You had your best Buddy Kobe pass on you yet you raised a new best friend Abby. she know is in charge of raising Buddy. We all miss you teribbly and we all break down and cry just like I am doing now. But we all know you are in heaven running in that big field playing ball with Kobe. I miss your velvety tongue licking my ears to wake me up in the morning. I will always think of you. You were my buddy,you were my friend. Have fun Mackwell,old man jenkins!


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