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Posted by admin on July 12, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Question- why is it that kids lives have to be so structured today?  what ever happened to playing Army,kick the can,Ding dong ditch it. Baseball with the kids in the ‘hood football until dark.  Could it be that Mommy and Daddy have lost their way and now the kids are paying the price? My daughter is a classic example she is a high school Sophmore this coming year. she had straight A’s this past year was in all the possible honors classes and AP classes she could take. She comes to me today and says Dad I need a tutor in math and for my SAT test.  I ask why? response because its the only way I will get in the college that I want and all my frends have hired one. I ask the next question What college and what friends have done this. I remember getting recruited in high school for football and golf my SENIOR year in high school. I worried about my ACT about 2 weeks before I had to take it not inbetween 9-10th grades. We have already looked at several colleges which is very interesting but I mean what happened to running around with your friends, etc. My daughter runs cross country and has training camp 3x per week as well and she plays the harp. I marvel at her organizational skills and her determination but give it a rest. Have some fun. All her friends are like this as well Type A’s who I hope will change the world but need to learn to go with the flow. We as parents have done an awful job of teaching about disappointment and loss. We think that a child should get a trophy just for showing up. Well guess what that is going to come and bite us in the ass later. There are always winners and losers and children must learn how to deal with defeat and disappointment. Well now that i’m done pontificating it’s time to kick back relax have a glass of 2 buck chuck and watch tmorrows amazing adventure with my kids


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