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I’m politically incorrect again

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Posted by admin on July 13, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Ok so a friend of mine calls conservatives cognitivally retarded, but what does that really mean? I think there are bright people on both sides of the aisle I just don’t think that the best and or the brightest are serving our country. I mean we have crooks,deviants and sloths calling themselves Democrats and Republicans as well as Tea party people. in Washington and our home states. I mean look and my home state of Minnesota. Where else could you have a governor left of Marx and Michelle (right of Attila the Hun) Bachmann . Evil spawn I’m telling you and don’t forget if you pray hard enough you too can change your sexual orientation. Anyway can you imagine a state that is shut down and might run out of booze and smokes! Perfect kindling for the firestorm about to sweep America especially if Seniors decide to band together and fight. Remember they have lots of experience WWII Korea,Viet Nam. So it’s off with the gloves and lets call a spade a spade. America is in trouble I say let’s take it Back ! Screw the Chinese it’s time we take care of our own!

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