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Duluth Sidewalk Days Review 2011

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Posted by admin on July 11, 2011 at 12:43 am

Hey Everyone here is the review of this years edition of Sidewalk Days in Duluth. First I want to thank all of our loyal customers for continuing to buy from us and Thanks to our new friends who bought for the first time. The weather was fantastic 83 and sunny every day. However this wasnt the sidewalk days of old. Not as many vendors way fewer customers and not enough toilets were de riguer.  I also got ripped off for 2 sets of Queen sage color sheets. This is a first and especially disheartening since I paid extra to be in a secure area. Things just werent as organized as in the past and some new vendors decided that they were running the show or at least they thought so. Thats right we know birdhouse and feeder lady we know you like to b**** and now that you have pissed off several of us don’t expect us to be so kind anymore! The one thing that really chapped most of us was not only the lack of toilet facilities but the total lack of clean toilet facilities. The Mayor of Duluth finally had to get a call on Friday the last day and things got taken care of. its sad to see such a previously well run event fall so quickly but fall it did. So Downtown council stop worrying about if someone closes early during the car show. Since these attendees dont shop anyway they just eat drink and look at cars and Where people park since we have been doing it for the previous 3 years and make sure that free popcorn is not going out to people so that the kettlecron people cant sell anything. Take care of these things and you will be back on top!

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