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Daily Roundup July 1

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Posted by admin on July 1, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Well Here we go on the fitness weightloss wellness journey and the lovely Government shutdown and tax journey here in Minnesota. As for the first the goal is 30 lbs gone by November 1. I have decided to due a 5k in begin walk /run program as well as yoga,and weights.  Government shutdown started here today as well. Both sides need a swift kick in the ass. Lets put politics aside people and due whats right! I will provide further comment on this later. Kudos to Amazon for telling California to suck wind. As a ecommerce merchant we have to stand up to these states and remember that the constitution does count and mean something! Sounds like another exodus of jobs out of Cali for the 10.000 affiliates of Amazon and Overstock .com Having been a brick and mortar retailer for over 24 years ans becoming a totally online and direct retailer,fellow brick and mortars get with the program. The days of stores as we know them is coming to a quick end. You need to take product to your customer they aren’t going to come to you anymore! I will share more thoughts on this and first hand data as well in the coming weeks as this blog starts to take some form. We are off to lovely Spicer Minnesota this weekend ofr a fabulous 4th of July celebration and sale. Hope to see you there!

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