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Washing Instructions for High Thread count sheets and Microfibers

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Posted by admin on June 14, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Hi Everyone we have been getting a lot of questions about washing not only our sheets but other high thread count sheets so we thought we would post this. Do not wash any of them in HOT water. This tends to fracture any type of material over time. This is what leads to that nasty pilling or balling problem. This is true for any type of  pima or mercerized cotton as well as microfibers. Try to wash like items together. The rubbing of lets say a towel against a high thread count sheet or microfiber sheet can lead to abrasion and fracture of fibers as well. Last but not least dry on gentle cycle. I know most of you like high heat to kill anything but this definitely shortens the life of you sheets,shirts or sweaters. Not only will it save your products but washing like this will save you money on your gas or electric bill as well. Microfiber sheets should be dry in about 15 minutes on gentle cycle. Very Green and cost effective.

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