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Mpls PRIDE Festival Review

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Posted by admin on June 27, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Thought I would share a review of the Mpls Pride Festival. First I want to thank the staff for putting on a first class show. They took care of we vendors. Promoters out there you could learn a few things from this operation.The one thing that really struck my wife and I were how friendly and fun loving the Mpls Gay community is. Where else in downtown Mpls do you know that you can leave inventory overnight and not have it stolen? where there were no acts or threats of violence. These folks have it right in there message of peace and love and equality. I got a kick out of how the only the Catholics stayed away. I guess their typical message of do as I say not as I do(gay priest thing you know and no gender equality) doesn”t play to well. Oh well. Of course there were the S/M  leather gang,the transexuals who were dressed to the nines and some of the wildest outfits we’ve ever seen. We got to meet Debbie Gibson the singer and she bought sheets from us . So I guess you could say we sell sheets to the stars now. She thought our slogan Lingerie for your bed was fabulous. So overall we had decent weather,We learned alot about a community of which we know little and we came away with some new friends and invitations to do more PRIDE festivals. We met some very talented artists and other vendors from other parts of the country as well. previously. The parade was down Hennepin Ave  I cant remember the last time I saw so many people !  All in all you could say it was a great weekend!

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