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Iowa Metaphysical Fair Review 2011

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Posted by admin on June 6, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Well another show and another small crowd. The show committee does a great job but unfortunately the weather didnt cooperate. It was too nice out! Sunny and warm and Iowans wanted to finish putting in their gardens and flowers not wander around inside a building. But I do sense the change coming to Iowans. They seem less secure more worried and acting on higher gas and food prices. Saving their money and not buying something just to buy it. The rest of the world should take a page from their book. Did I as a retailer just say that!  Since the front lines continue to show weakness. Sorry Media and Govt you dont either have a clue or you just don’t want to tell the people the truth. The  Tea Party is gaining strength there too. Look out Tom Harken! Well I think I’m going to continue to report my firsthand observations until I  cant afford to do it anymore which at this rate of decline might not be that far away. People support  the small business person he/she knows what is really going on.If you don’t believe me just ask one!

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