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Economic Reality Part 3

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Posted by admin on June 15, 2011 at 12:49 pm

From the front lines this just in. People are nervous and worried.Tea Party message starting to sink in. Michelle Bachmann running for President. WOW!  People are definitely concerned and have tightened their pocketbooks considerably since April 15. We have seen this up close and personally throughout the midwest. Doesnt matter any more where in Minnesota,Iowa,Wisconsin, North Dakota,South Dakota.  Gas and food prices have cut into discretionary spending.  Heck we sell basics and our sales are down. Talked to a repair guy the other day and he told me people are even putting off getting things fixed.  People have had enough of the status quo. They are getting ready for major permanent change in their lives. Not the non functioning change in Washington. Maybe we should go back to that novel idea of actually making something here in the USA and saving some of our money!

Over and out for now!

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