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Do You Bamboo?

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Posted by admin on June 17, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Hi  Ive been testing the worlds greatest towel for the last couple of weeks. This thing is the BOMB! I’m telling you. It’s been so soft and absorbent even I can’t believe it. I mean I was one of those who never thought about towels you know softness,absorbency yadda yadda. Gym rags were good enough. A friend of the family said you have got to try this towel it is unbelievable … So anyway the family trys them and I’m thinking this thing is almost as good as …… Everyone loved them even my 9 yr old son who by the way won’t use anything else. So  we started to have them made for us. They are large 29 x 56 I’m not a small guy and they are dye free we decided to stick with the enviornmentally responsible theme. Once you go bamboo nothing else will do!

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