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Economic Reality Part 2

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Posted by admin on May 23, 2011 at 1:11 am

Well another weekend of no buyers,and Bob Sheiffer trying to skewer Newt Gingrich about having a revolving credit account at Tiffany’s. When is the Media going to stop picking fly poop out of pepper as my great grandma used to say. The crap that they sling with soundbytes and the like is worse than any half truth that may be spouted by a politician. I’m not endorsing Gingrich buy any means but lets get real about people’s private lives. The reason no one wants to run is because of this invasive crap. Our best is on the sidelines keeping things to themselves.  Enough politics. Lets jump to foreclosures shall we. The banks are at it again and their “investors” are going to break everyone. Your house not only will be underwater but it will be virtually worthless. So much for paying off your house. Seems to me one of the first things they taught in Econ was never to buy a depreciating asset. Ding! Please let me know if any of you are interested in reading a blow by blow account of what really happens during a foreclosure. I have many reliable sources that are willing to talk about their personal experiences with the lovely Obama “no workout plan” Thats it for now This weekend in Iowa at Vics Corners in Spirit Lake. Keep it true to the Red White and Blue!

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